Little e-kart Master RTR
Little e-kart Master RTR
Little e-kart Master RTR
Little e-kart Master RTR

Little e-kart Master RTR

  • Power: 22kW - 30kW
  • Chassis: Type e-X30/KZ under CIK-FIA homologation
  • Rider: Over 12 years old
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  • Recommended age > 12 years old
  • SEIJO e-kart MASTER chassis CIK-FIA homologated
  • Protections Type KG model 506 CIK-FIA homologated
  • Brakes CIK-FIA homologated rear axle (OPTIONAL front)
  • Rated power 14.5 kW (19.7 hp)
  • Peak power 27 kW (36,7 hp)
  • Maximum speed Depending on development, up to 130 km/h
  • Transmission kit Sprocket-sprocket with 428 chain (various ratios available)
  • Gear selector Three positions; Forward, Neutral and Reverse
  • Nominal voltage Battery Pack 100.8 v
  • Battery Pack capacity 5.08 kWh
  • Autonomy in race mode without
  • loss of performance Minimum 18 min
  • Recharging time <60 min. Temperature between 15°C and 45°C
  • Weight of the set 122 Kg (Battery pack included)
  • Display and data acquisition OPTIONAL; AIM Solo 2 DL
  • Acoustic warning device OPTIONAL; Recommended for use in pit lane
  • Remote control system OPTIONAL
  • Electrical safety Requirements as per FIA Appendix J-Art.253.18
  • Intended use of vehicle Use for competition on homologated circuits only
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