Little Cars

LITTLE has been conceived and created entirely to develop, industrialise and market 100% electric vehicles.

LITTLE offers a range of electric vehicles that are very popular in this new world, among citizens and organisations that are beginning to develop a more functional idea of private transport, of the utility car, more practical, comfortable, cheaper and less aggressive from an environmental point of view.

10 years of experience

A new protagonist enters the scene, the "Electric Light Transport". Why? To change the rules of the game. The time of the hot rods, of urban private vehicles with large displacement, very high acquisition costs, high consumption and high maintenance standards is coming to an end, and LITTLE provides a solution.

Why Little Cars?

LITTLE came into existence from the moment a group of people, passionate about sustainable mobility, detected that the market was beginning to show signs of a need for evolution and change towards a future of alternative mobility.

LITTLE was born in 2008. A first model called LITTLE4 was designed, followed by the EBOX model. Models conceived by our design and industrialisation engineers. The LITTLE brand has been registered with a worldwide scope of application.

  • Vintage Design

Our models are a tribute to the best stylistic achievements of the 60s and 70s. They evoke beauty of form, lifestyle, fun and freedom.

  • Ecological and Economical

The concept of an environmentally friendly vehicle. We propose an electric motor that has countless environmental and economic benefits.

  • Fun and Functionality

Designed to combine ecology, functionality, safety and driving pleasure thanks to their structure, robustness and applied technology, as well as a high level of quality.

  • Great Autonomy

Our models are currently equipped with lead-gel and optionally lithium-ion batteries, giving them a range of approximately 100 km.

We sell Automotive Spare Parts and Accessories

Little Cars is a company that has been committed to sustainable mobility since its creation. Innovation, the search for solutions to optimise our vehicles and the implementation of the latest technologies allow us to move towards the future of alternative mobility.

The marketing of spare parts and car accessories for all types of vehicles complements our portfolio of services, with a wide range of possibilities in other areas such as lubricants, paint, tools, tyres and many more that endorse our know-how in the sector.

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